Oxford, 28 April 2023 – Today, Project PERSEUS is pleased to introduce its new visual identity, which aims to be evocative of the project’s underlying science.

PERSEUS aims to be an example of innovation and scientific excellence. Our new visual identity, crafted by QED F&S Productions, reflects these principles, incorporating contemporary design elements such as a distinctive emblem, a novel, custom-designed font, a coherent colour palette, and tasteful, classic typesetting.

Highlights of PERSEUS’ visual identity are:

  • Logo: a dual symbol representing the contrast between the rounded forms determined by organic chemistry (such as those of liposomes), and the rectilinear and angular profiles of inorganic chemistry (such as the domain walls of nanoflakes). To this end, a novel, custom font with its own kerning was designed specifically for PERSEUS.
  • Colour Palette: a deliberately sparse s et of specific colours, carefully chosen to work in tandem with the Logo design.
  • Typography: a coherent system of typographic rules to best employ the above elements.

This branding will soon be visible across all PERSEUS platforms, from our website to our social media channels.

Whilst developing this visual identity, we aimed to achieve both clarity and distinctiveness. In the fast-paced, rapidly-evolving world of communication over digital platforms, it is vital to be able to evoke scientific concepts in a way that is engaging but also accurate. This thought process has been integral to shaping the PERSEUS project’s aesthetics.

Our branding further showcases the collaborative nature of PERSEUS, bringing together expertise from diverse scientific fields. It’s a nod to the cooperative spirit and the expertise of PERSEUS’ partner institutions.

The design work took inspiration from scientific concepts and imagery related to PERSEUS. However, our main aim was to ensure that the end result has a classic feel and will be able to ‘age well’, whilst still resonating with today’s audiences.

As PERSEUS progresses, its strong visual identity will serve as a clear and consistent identifier for all project activities.